Coffee on a mountain

When you are living in Lusaka at Shakespeare Court, there may be times when you fancy a quiet coffee or a wander around an interesting craft shop. Fortunately, there is just such a place very close to Shakespeare Court - Kilimanjaro Lodge and Coffee Shop. Turn left out of the apartments, drive about 6 kilometres along Leopards Hill Road until you see a large sign on the left for Kilimanjaro. Turn right here and then follow the sign into the lodge on the left.

This site is gradually being developed as a lodge, but the cafe is now well established. The main attractions here are the relaxed, peaceful grounds, the child friendly environment, with the provision of toys and games on the lawn, and the miniature horses that roam the grounds. If you have children with you they will be thrilled to learn that they can ride these lovely little ponies around the grounds under the careful supervision of Kilimanjaro staff. There is a good range of out door play equipment for children and an indoor play area too. However, if you are looking for a quieter environment, there is plenty of room either in the main coffee shop or outside on the lovely shady terrace. The coffee is good and there are a range of snacks or more substantial meals on the menu.

The shop is also great to browse in, with a large range of locally produced craft and art.

Kilimanjaro's is ideal for a quiet morning away from it all, or for a business meeting over a coffee. On your way back to Shakespeare Court, you could pop into the very interesting Afrikolor shop which is just on the left on the way back down Leopards Hill road. Click on the link to find out more about this attraction.

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