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Eight Reedbuck Hotel

This hotels styles itself as a unique ten suite boutique hotel offering the best in service which is quite a lot to live up to.

You will get the sense of what this hotel is trying to achieve with the boutique styling, and although itís a bit worn at the edges, it does pull the boutique style and ambience off really quite well. However, the service is far from offering the best.

The staff members are very friendly and helpful. Zambian hospitality at its best! The rooms are comfortable and bathroom are luxurious with a path leading to the garden with hot tub, a decent wifi internet connection and decorated with taste and originality. The public area of the hotel is decorated with very interesting, original and beautiful artwork by various African artists. The outside seating areas by the pool are nice.


All in all your experience will be worthwhile.

Tel: + 260 211 264 788, 264 733, 264 786, 264 815

Cell: + 260 96 674 0004



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