Kabwata Cultural Village

The Cultural Village on Burma Road is well worth a visit whilst you are living in Lusaka. It is unashamedly aimed at tourists and foreign visitors. There are a number of thatched huts from where the traders sell their hand made souvenirs and crafts. The huts or ‘rondavels’ were built in the 1930’s and 1940’s by the colonial government for housing for single male labourers. Some of the huts have been saved to house artists from across Zambia.
Obviously, all the vendors are keen to sell their crafts to visitors, but some are more insistent than others. It is best to remain polite but firm and only buy what you really want. Bartering is a must – it is expected and is part of the buying process, - but it is up to you how hard you want to work at getting a bargain. In our experience, the 'huts' occupied by the lady craftswomen are less stressful places to browse and buy. Typically though for Zambia, none of the vendors are aggressive or rude, and it is quite acceptable to just browse and not buy at all.
The goods include many wooden statues, a variety of traditional art work, hand made bowls and jewellery, hand dyed chitenges and tablecloths and a range of drums and djembes. It is not the cheapest place to buy gifts and souvenirs, but is more reasonable than the shops in the shopping malls, and certainly offers more of an interesting cultural experience.
During the winter months, on Sundays, there are traditional dance and musical performances.

More information can be found at the website: www.zambia-advisor.com/KabwataCulturalVillage.html

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