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Lusaka Accommodation and staff profile

Since 21 May 2008 Edward Syazilo has been working as team supervisor with the Shakespeare Court team in raising the standards of cleanliness and coordinating the cleaning staff. He joined Shakespeare Court as a cleaner, but with time has risen through the ranks. Shakespeare Court has both local and international clients and Edward makes sure everything is in place, especially when dealing with guest arrivals and making sure they settle in well.

The work he does is collaborative; involving you the client, our maintenance department and the cleaners, working on ensuring your stay is as peaceful as possible with less inconvenience.

Edward has been a huge asset in supervising cleaning and stock management for apartments, and making sure everything is in place to make your stay a memorable one. He is a very helpful individual; available for service and willing to work to the best of his ability to make sure your stay is hustle free.

Although being a supervisor has its challenges, Edward steps up to the challenge and sometimes has to make difficult decisions, even ones unpopular among his juniors but in the interest of the client and the business. He has learnt that maintaining high standards is important. But itís always great to know that he has the support of all his juniors and his superiors at all times.

After all the hard work is done and the day draws to a close, Edwards finishes off his day with his family his wife Irene, 3 boys and 2 lovely girls as a happy husband, and a proud father.

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