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Lusaka National Museum

If you are living in Lusaka and you fancy some insight into the history and culture of Zambia, a visit to the Lusaka National Museum is a must. This museum is on Independence Avenue. It is divided into four main areas - contemporary art, witchcraft, ethnography, and history. The museum's collection of contemporary art is the closest you will get to a national art gallery. It houses works of artists from 1964 the date of Zambia's independence to the present day. There is a fairly wide selection of paintings, ceramics and sculptures which are well worth a look. The museum also has a selection of historical and cultural artefacts. The witchcraft exhibition is particularly interesting, offering some insight into this aspect of Zambian life. The museum will not take particularly long to go around, but it is well worth while if you would like to spend an interesting morning finding out about a little bit more about this country.

The museum is open 9am-4.30pm daily, apart from on public holidays. There is a small admission charge. Guided tours are available on request. The museum has parking available, and a small library and shop for snacks and drinks.

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