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Zambian Public Buses Get Orange Colour

The Zambian government has just recently changed the colour for public service vehicles from blue to any colour of the operatorís choice, as long as the bus bears an orange strip across the body, they have also introduced different color codes for public service vehicles for each province.

With the new changes taxis will have no specific colour but will be fitted with an illuminating lamp to display the designated fleet code while luxury coaches are exempted from any of these requirement.
The Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Panji Kaunda at a press briefing indicated that Government has taken this requirement because operators were spending a lot of money on painting their vehicles blue.

The Transport, Communication, Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga on another forum went on to say that the new regulation is aimed at addressing the concern of pirate taxis or vehicles that are being used for the conveyance of passengers on hire without being licensed.

All passenger public service vehicles that were already painted in blue code will be given amnesty of one year to migrate to the new colour code.
 Mr Mukanga said all public transport vehicles would have ribbons fixed, Lusaka buses will now have orange ribbons, Luapula sky blue, Eastern emerald green, Copperbelt, Copper and Central would have yellow.
Northern Province would carry red ribbons, North-Western Silver, Muchinga wispy or lime green, Southern purple-amethyst, while Western Province would have light brown and that samples could be obtained from his ministry.

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